The Best Weight Scales 2020

In our tests of weight scales, we looked at accuracy, the information provided, the robustness of the build, and additional features. To reach your health goals, accuracy, and information of the weight scales is extremely important. If you’re a heavier set fella, a robust scale is probably the ‘weigh’ to go.

The following are the best weight scales of 2020 from the numerous scales we tested.

Arboleaf Digital Scale – Bluetooth Smart Scale Bathroom Weight Scale

Snagabyte Rating – 9.8

What we liked:

  • Easily syncs with our fitness apps
  • Tells you 10 essential body compositions data including weight, body fat %, body type, visceral fat, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BIM, metabolic age.
  • Highly accurate using 4 sensitive electrodes and 4 high precision sensors
  • Robust construction and high quality.

Bveiugn Smart Wireless BMI Weight Scale

Snagabyte Rating 9.1

What we liked about this weight scale:

  • G-sensors creates higher precision and sensitivities.
  • Low-power chip using Bluetooth 4.2 for extended battery life.
  • Give intelligent detection to extra-cellular fluid by using dual frequency bio-electrical impedance.
  • Precision an accuracy allows you to detect even cup of water.

Powlaken Smart Wireless BMI Weighing Scales

Snagabyte Rating – 8.9

What we liked about this weight scale:

  • 6mm tempered glass creating a real sturdy feeling product.
  • Create unlimited user profiles so you can track multiple users.
  • Easy setup app syncs with Samsung Health, Fitbit and many more apps.