The Tomorrow War Movie Review and Summary

Director: Chris McKay
Cast: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons

The Tomorrow War is a science-fiction action film released in 2021, directed by Chris McKay and starring Chris Pratt as Dan Forester, a high school teacher and military veteran who is drafted to fight in a future war against alien invaders. The film follows Dan and his team as they travel to the future to prevent the extinction of humanity. In this review, we will analyze the plot, characters, and technical aspects of The Tomorrow War.


The Tomorrow War’s plot centers around the concept of time travel, where humans from the future transport soldiers from the present day to help fight a war against aliens. The movie starts with a sequence where a group of soldiers arrives from the future, warning that the world will be destroyed within thirty years unless a solution is found. To prevent this, the present-day government starts drafting soldiers to be sent to the future.

Dan Forester, a former military veteran, is one of the people drafted to fight in the future war. Dan and his team travel to the future, where they discover that the aliens are not easy to beat. The plot then thickens as the characters face unexpected challenges that require them to think creatively to save humanity.

The movie’s plot is predictable and uninspired. The time-travel concept feels overdone and formulaic, and the story lacks any real surprises or twists. The characters are flat and one-dimensional, and their motivations and actions often seem contrived or unrealistic. The movie feels like a rehash of other sci-fi action movies, without bringing anything new or original to the table.

Despite having some well-known actors in the cast, the performances are lackluster and unengaging. Chris Pratt, who plays the lead role, fails to bring any real depth or nuance to his character, and his delivery of dialogue often feels wooden or forced. The supporting cast is equally unremarkable, with most actors playing stereotypical roles without adding anything memorable to the film.

Despite being marketed as an action-packed adventure movie, the action scenes in “The Tomorrow War” are underwhelming and unexciting. The special effects are decent but not groundbreaking, and the choreography of the fight scenes feels uninspired and repetitive. The lack of tension or suspense makes it hard to feel invested in the outcome of the battles.

The dialogue in the movie is often clunky and awkward, with characters delivering cheesy one-liners or exposition-heavy speeches that feel out of place. The attempts at humor fall flat and feel forced, and the attempts at emotional resonance often come across as contrived or manipulative. The script seems to prioritize spectacle over substance, resulting in a shallow and forgettable movie experience.

The movie follows a well-worn formula that feels overly familiar and predictable. The plot beats are predictable, with the characters going through the motions of the time-travel plot without adding anything new or interesting to the genre. The movie’s attempts at social commentary or thematic depth feel half-baked and shallow, leaving the viewer feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

In conclusion, a bad review of “The Tomorrow War” could focus on the movie’s lackluster plot, weak acting, dull action scenes, poor dialogue, and cliched storytelling. While it may have some moments of entertainment value, it ultimately fails to deliver a memorable or engaging movie experience.

Snagabyte rating: 5.7/10